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Become part of a valued team, enjoy great personal reward, deliver successful and enjoyable competition experiences... Become an Official.

The need for new or existing volunteers to train and develop as officials is of vital importance to the future success for all levels of competition in Wales. 

 In 2020, we launched the Welsh Athletics Officials Reward Scheme to acknowledge both the commitment and progression that is shown by our volunteer officials each year. 

From your local club to the Regional Athletics Council, there is a need for newly qualified officials to join the existing official workforce, to support the current competition calendar and to ensure the future of athletics in Wales. 

Whether you would like to help rake a sandpit during an U13 League match, marshal a road race, lead teams at the Welsh Championships or even progressing to officiating at the Olympic Games, there is an opportunity for you!


Find out what our current Officials love about officiating:

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If you are new to athletics and would like to gain an oversight into the world of Officiating on track and field, the Assistant Official course is a good starting point. If you know where your interests lie, you can enter straight onto the Level 1 Track and Field Officials award covering various disciplines.

If you are more interested in Endurance Officiating covering events such as cross country, road races, trail, and mountain running, then the Level 1 Endurance Officials course will provide you with the knowledge you need to get involved.

Check out our T&F Official's Welcome Pack     Check out our Endurance Official's Welcome Pack

For information on the official qualifications we offer please click here.

Are you looking for a different role, take a look at our full list of Volunteer Event roles for Welsh Championships

If you're interested in becoming an Official, please email

We can't wait to hear from you!  

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