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Welsh Athletics Partners with Polytan to Enhance Athletic Facilities in Wales

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23/05/2024 00:00, In Blog /

Welsh Athletics is delighted to announce a three-year partnership with Polytan, a global leader in sports surfacing. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in advancing the quality and accessibility of athletic facilities across Wales.

We seek to harness this partnership to further its mission of nurturing world-class athletes and increasing participation at all levels of the sport. Through initiatives aimed at improving facilities and athlete support, Welsh Athletics is committed to making athletics a cornerstone of community sport across the region.

Polytan, known for its innovation and dedication to sustainable sporting solutions, brings a wealth of expertise and advanced technology to this partnership. As part of the agreement, Polytan will supply cutting-edge sports surfaces to Welsh athletic venues, incorporating environmentally friendly materials and practices.

James Williams, CEO of Welsh Athletics, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating,

We are excited to join hands with Polytan, a leader in athletic surface technology. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision to elevate the standard of athletics in Wales. By improving our facilities, we can offer our athletes and community the best possible environment to thrive.


We will also be working with Polytan to promote new and innovative solutions for our sport – be it a focus on moving to more sustainable surface materials, or the creation of compact facilities that are more flexible and affordable.

From Polytan, Ashley Appleby, Sales Manager UK, highlighted the strategic benefits of the collaboration,

Welsh Athletics presents a dynamic platform for Polytan to showcase its commitment to sport and environmental stewardship.


We are proud to support Welsh Athletics in their goal to foster talent and promote athletics across Wales. Together, we aim to set new benchmarks in the quality of sports facilities.

This partnership aims to significantly enhance athletic facilities throughout Wales by upgrading tracks and other facilities with Polytan's cutting-edge sports surfaces, including the innovative Polytan SMART systems. Such improvements are designed to provide Welsh athletes with superior training environments, aiding in their development and enabling them to compete at the highest international levels.

Furthermore, the collaboration emphasises a strong commitment to sustainability. By integrating Polytan's Green Technology in athletic infrastructure projects, the partnership promotes eco-friendly and sustainable practices in the management of sports facilities, ensuring a greener future for athletic development in Wales.

We would like to thank Polytan for their support in helping us transform the landscape of athletics in Wales, providing promising athletes with the resources they need to succeed and bringing communities together through sport.